ESPRIT SolidWire Platinum

A full 3D CAM system for 2-5-axis Wire EDM programming, ESPRIT SolidWire Platinum includes factory certified post processors for all major EDM machine tool builders along with the corresponding machine specific technology pages (input screens) and technology databases. This package also includes all the "core" functionality described in the general specifications of the Product Overview brochure.

  • CAM for 2-5 axis Wire EDM
  • 2-axis contouring
  • 3-axis tapering and Advanced Conics
  • 4-axis XY, UV machining
  • 5th axis control
  • Part handling: Threading, Flushing, Tank Fill/Drain.
  • Feature Based Machining from any solid, surface, 3D wire frame model or 2D drawing
  • Extensive control over all cutting conditions
  • Contour - universal cutting cycle for all styles of EDM profiles and shapes: cores, cavities, punches, dies, etc. 
  • Pocketing - slugless no core cutting optimized for start hole
  • Drilling - EDM hole popper
  • Taper control - Gradual and Pivot
  • Constant and variable land
  • Corner styles - Cylindrical constant radius, Conical constant taper, Programmed independent Radius, Sharp, Blended
  • Unlimited synchronization between upper (UV) and lower (XY) profiles
  • 3D non planar XY UV profiles and non planar work piece fixturing
  • Solid Simulation and Verification
  • Universal post processing with an extensive library and custom post generator
  • Factory certified post processors and machine specific technology for
    And more...

Form Tool Add-In

An optional add-in component to aid in the design of the geometry, taper and machining instructions necessary to EDM machine Form Cutting Tools.

Gear Tool Add-In

Involute Gear design program accepts traditional engineering data to create internal or external gear geometry for EDM machining.

Cam Add-In

Circular CAM design program accepts the engineering data from a CAM timing chart to create the geometry necessary for EDM machining.

ESPRIT SolidWire Gold

An entry-level CAM system for 2-axis EDM, SolidWire Gold includes the functionality of SolidWire Platinum excluding the 4-axis XY, UV and 5th-axis machining cycles. This package also includes all the "core" functionality as described in the general specifications of the Product Overview brochure. 


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