Contouring with Complete Machine Control...
For a wide variety of machining tasks.

ESPRIT provides a universal 2-axis cutting cycle for all styles of EDM machining, including any shape or profile for molds, dies, cores, cavities and machined parts. This machining cycle provides great flexibility in assigning wire thread and retract locations, selecting methods for approaching and retracting from the material, and the automatic creation of glue tabs for part retention. It's all topped off with the ability to support any number of cuts (one rough and multiple skims cuts) on multiple features of any number of parts.

ESPRIT optimizes machine travel and offers strategies for all styles of EDM including land and relief taper cuts. When moving between cuts ESPRIT automatically handles all the necessary Wire Cut and Wire Thread instructions. And ESPRIT provides control of all tapering and part handling functions of the machine: flushing, tank fill, and tank drain.

  • Feature Based Machining from any solid, surface, 3D wire frame model or 2D drawing
  • Extensive control over all cutting conditions
  • Contour - universal cutting cycle for all styles of EDM profiles and shapes: cores, cavities, punches, dies, etc.
  • Part handling: Threading, Flushing, Tank Fill/Drain.


Advanced Conics Tapering...
For easy programming of complex tapers.

Use ESPRIT's advanced conics tapering option in the Contour cycle for easy programming of the complex tapers often needed when EDM machining mold components, forming dies, and cutting tools. Here's how it works. When cutting a radius while tapering, the Advanced Conics capabilities allow you to alternate between Cylindrical constant radius corners and Conical constant taper corners. The Program Radius capability provides independent radius control for the upper and lower profile. When cutting a sharp corner while tapering, the advanced conics control provides the ability to maintain a completely sharp corner top and bottom, or alternately a blended radius on the secondary end. Most importantly, ESPRIT delivers all this functionality while still programming in 2-axis mode. The part programming process is dramatically simplified, part accuracy is significantly increased, and the length and complexity of the G-Code program is greatly reduced.


  • Taper control - Gradual and Pivot
  • Constant and variable land
  • Corner styles - Cylindrical constant radius, Conical constant taper, Programmed independent Radius, Sharp, Blended


XY UV 4-Axis Machining...
Use any two three-dimensional (3D) profiles.

Parts with extremely complex tapers or completely independent freeform shapes on top to bottom are easily programmed with ESPRIT using XY UV 4-axis programming. ESPRIT lets you select any two three-dimensional profiles to create a 4-axis program. The cutting process is automatically synchronized, and includes the option of adding an unlimited number of additional synchronization lines between the upper (UV) and lower (XY) profiles. A major benefit is ESPRIT's support of 4-axis EDM programming for any geometric shape with any number of elements: 3D, non-planar, XY and UV profiles, and non-planar fixturing. Glue tabs are automatically added and skimming cuts may be created for unattended machining.

  • 4-axis XY, UV machining
  • 5th axis control
  • Unlimited synchronization between upper (UV) and lower (XY) profiles
  • 3D non planar XY UV profiles and non planar work piece fixturing


Pocketing, No-Core Cutting...
Slugless EDM machining for unattended operation.

When your parts are small it becomes difficult and inefficient to manually handle the slugs which result from the EDM process. To solve this problem ESPRIT provides a specialized EDM Pocket machining cycle that erodes all the material inside a given cavity, eliminating the slug. A start hole is usually pre-drilled into the work piece; to prevent wire breakage and minimize machining time ESPRIT will recognize and automatically machine only the slug.

  • Pocketing - slugless no core cutting optimized for start hole

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