From 2-axis to 22-axis, ESPRIT is packed with power to handle the most complex, multi-function mill-turn machines, while easy enough to quickly program even the simplest turning job. Turning machines and "Swiss" style lathes with the most complex tooling, turret, and spindle configurations are easily programmed to perform turning, C-axis and Y-axis milling with complete synchronization, post processing and machine simulation.


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Production Machining...
A complete tool kit to program any part on any lathe.

ESPRIT delivers production quality G-Code programs for turning that are highly optimized to minimize cycle times and tool wear while maximizing part quality. Starting with a complete definition of the cutting tools and comprehensive / flexible machining cycles, tool path is quickly built from any 2D or 3D geometry, Solids or Surfaces model to accommodate any cutting requirements. Built-in simulation and post processing round out a complete tool kits for programming any part on a lathe.

  • 2-axis turning
  • C- and Y-axis mill-turn
  • multi-spindle / multi-turret turning
  • "Swiss" style machine support

C and Y axis Mill-Turn...
Combining turning and milling operations into one G-Code program.

You can combine turning and milling machining operations in one G-code program with ESPRIT's support of both "C" and "Y" mill-turn. Choose from milling contour - profile cutting, pocketing, or a variety of drilling machining cycles. Perform 2 1/2-axis milling operations on your lathe using its ZXC or ZXY axes. ESPRIT also provides the tools to perform "Wrap" operations. The X-axis movement is converted into a rotary C-axis movement, effectively "wrapping" your shapes (pockets, holes, and contours) around the rotary axis. This makes ESPRIT an excellent tool for slotting and cross drilling.

  • C 3-axis and Y 4-axis mill-turn with power tooling

ANSI / ISO standard coding for turning tools, inserts and holders.

ESPRIT's tooling system supports it all, from standard boring bars to complex custom form tools. The tooling library uses ANSI/ISO standard coding for regular turning tools, both inserts and holders, to simplify the process of defining your tooling. During the creation of the machining cycle and simulation process the definition of the complete tool (insert, holder, and turret) is used to insure your confidence and a highly accurate result. Your custom tools can be drawn in any CAD system, or in ESPRIT, and imported into the tooling library. While using the ESPRIT SolidTurn Advanced, mill-turn option, the complete library of milling cutting tools is also available.

  • Library of standard inserts - ANSI and ISO standard inserts for grooving, threading (top notch and lay down), and turning including square, round, trigon, and diamond
  • Library of standard holders - ANSI and ISO standard holders with 25 turning and boring styles
  • Unlimited custom tools and holders with any geometry C 3-axis and Y 4-axis mill-turn with power tooling