ESPRIT SolidTurn Traditional

A CAM system for 2-axis turning, SolidTurn Traditional is the ideal starting point for your 2-axis turning. From roughing and grooving, to threading and finishing, you have complete support for all machining cycles. This package also includes all the "core" functionality described in the general specifications of the Product Overview brochure. The capabilities of SolidTurn Traditional are included inside all the ESPRIT turning packages listed here.

  • CAM for 2-axis turning
  • Extensive control over all cutting conditions
  • Contour - profile cutting for facing and OD / ID turning
  • Hole making cycles - drilling, peck drilling, boring, taping and up to 13 other point to point machining cycles
  • Roughing - for rough turning / facing from regular or irregular shaped stock
  • Pocket Rough -for rough turning / facing profiles with undercuts (pockets)
  • Copy Rough -for rough turning / facing using an offset profile
  • Grooving - seven machining cycles with single plunge, multi-plunge, peck grooving, and zigzag cutting styles
  • Threading - single and multi-point threading of straight, tapered, constant and variable lead threads
  • Cutoff - synchronized with part handling
  • Part handling - bar feed, part catcher, and part pickup
  • Tailstock - engage and disengage control
  • Library of standard inserts - ANSI and ISO standard inserts for grooving, threading (top notch and lay down), and turning including square, round, trigon, and diamond
  • Library of standard holders - ANSI and ISO standard holders with 25 turning and boring styles
  • Unlimited custom tools and holders with any geometry
  • Libraries for materials, speeds and feeds
  • Project Manager to organize your work with Feature tab, Operation tab, and Tool tab
  • Universal post processing with an extensive library and custom post generator
  • Solid simulation and verification with comprehensive collision detection

ESPRIT SolidTurn Advanced

SolidTurn Advanced includes all the capabilities of SolidTurn Traditional and the "core" ESPRIT functionality with the addition of "C" and "Y"-axis power tooling ability, the inclusion of a set of milling machining cycles, and access to the complete milling cutting tool libraries.

  • CAM for C- and Y-axis mill-turn
  • Includes SolidTurn Traditional plus:
  • C 3-axis and Y 4-axis mill-turn with power tooling
  • Rotary 4-axis simultaneous "Wrap" machining cycles - Contour profile cutting, Pocketing, Hole making cycles
  • Work on part face or diameter with either ZXC or ZXY 21/2-axis machining
  • Library of standard milling tools: flat, ball nose, tapered, corner round, chamfered, and dovetail end mills. Face mill, thread mill, drill, center drill, reamer, tap, and boring bar
  • Unlimited custom milling tools and holders with any geometry
  • Libraries for materials, speeds, and feeds for milling

ESPRIT SolidTurn Production

A full production turning CAM system for supporting any level of complexity in lathes, turning centers and "Swiss" style machines. SolidTurn Production includes all the functionality of SolidTurn Traditional and SolidTurn Advanced plus the "core" functionality of ESPRIT. SolidTurn Production extends your capabilities with the additional support of multi-spindles and multi-turrets to perform synchronized and synchronous machining.

  • CAM for multi-spindle / multi-turret turning
  • Includes SolidTurn Traditional and SolidTurn Advanced plus:
  • Synchronized and Synchronous 4-axis turning
  • Balanced Rough - for rough turning / facing from regular or irregular shaped stock
  • Advanced tooling for fixed turrets, gangs, and slides
  • "Swiss" style machine support including sliding head stock
  • Advanced "Machine Set-Up" - define unlimited number of spindles and turrets from 2- to 22- axis, including fixed or moving spindles and turrets, gang, slide or turret based cutting tools
  • Sync List - view cutting operations by turret, spindle or head; drag and drop editing of sync and wait codes; time study bar chart for program optimization
  • Synchronized Solid Simulation and Verification for multiple spindles and multiple turrets including simulation of tail stock, bar feed, and part exchanges between spindles
  • Universal post processing for multiple spindles and multiple turrets