Multiple Spindles and Multiple Turrets...
An ideal tool for programming multi-function machines.

ESPRIT is ideal for programming advanced, multi-function turning machines. 
The machine set-up allows ESPRIT to understand your machine's configuration. The number and configuration of the machine's spindles, turrets and tool stations; which spindles may be used with each turret; and the coordinates system for each are controlled by ESPRIT's machine set-up. It's easy to create accurate programs within the physical limits of your machine tool, and get precise simulation and G-code post processing. Specify your machine set-up once, during software installation, and take advantage of ESPRIT's ability to calculate accurate time studies. The synchronized programs will minimize cycle time and eliminate potential collisions while also providing the rules for the generation of the G-Code program.

  • Advanced "Machine Set-Up" - define unlimited number of spindles and turrets from 2- to 22- axis, including fixed or moving spindles and turrets, gang, slide or turret based cutting tools

Multiple Turrets, Gang and Slide Tooling...
Working within up to the physical limits of your machine.

ESPRIT makes it easy to create accurate programs to match the physical limits of your machine tool. That's because the number and configuration of each spindle and turret, the tool stations, which spindles may be used with each turret, and the coordinates system for each are controlled by the machine set-up. 

  • Advanced tooling for fixed turrets, gangs, and slides

Multiple Fixed and Moving Spindles...
With accurate simulation and synchronization.

Each of your machine's spindles, moving or fixed, along with its physical characteristics are defined inside the machine set-up thereby insuring accurate representation during simulation.

  • Synchronized and Synchronous 4-axis turning 

"Swiss" Style Lathes...
Supporting the unique demands of Swiss style machines.

The multi-axis mill-turn capabilities of ESPRIT fully support the unique and specialized demands of even the most advanced "Swiss" style turning machines. All ESPRIT machining cycles and post processing capabilities may be used; this support also includes realistic solid simulation of the sliding head stock and gang tooling common to these machines.

  • "Swiss" style machine support including sliding head stock

Sync List...
Easily optimize G-Code to minimize cycle times.

Perform time studies on your programs with the ESPRIT Sync List. You'll view a bar chart depicting the cycle times for each operation, organized by turret and spindle. By reviewing the total cycle time and using Synchronization and Wait "code" you can easily optimize the G-code program to minimize the total cycle time. The Sync list is also connected to the simulation and post processing. View each canned cycle and all the tooling by turret, spindle, or head. Use the Windows "drag and drop" technique to edit anything: canned cycle, cutting tools, and synchronization codes.

  • Sync List - view cutting operations by turret, spindle or head; drag and drop editing of sync and wait codes; time study bar chart for program optimization

Complete Machine Modeling...
Dry-run your programs in realistic dynamic 3D solid images.

Solid Simulation and Verification
The Solid Simulation and Verification tool allows you to quickly and easily dry run your programs on the computer to verify accuracy, all before ever cutting a chip. Each spindle, each turret, and all your tooling is clearly represented in dynamic 3D solid images. Meanwhile, all the machine's movements, including sliding head stock, are accurately represented to assure complete confidence and quality in your G-code program.

  • Synchronized Solid Simulation and Verification for multiple spindles and multiple turrets including simulation of tail stock, bar feed, and part exchanges between spindles