Complete Tool Control...
A full suite of machining cycles.

A Full Suite of Machining Cycles
When you want to get the job done quickly, check out ESPRIT's full suite of machining cycles. And when the job demands precise tool control, you have plenty of options. With ESPRIT you have precise control over every individual tool movement, which allows for optimized tool travel, minimized machine time and wear, while also assuring safety. Change any cutting condition at any point during a cut. Cutting speeds are conveniently displayed in both feedrate per minute and chip load with a connection to the built-in database for automatically selecting your cutting speeds.

  • Extensive control over all cutting conditions
  • Libraries for materials, speeds and feeds

Turning OD, ID, Face...
Universal contour cutting cycle.

ESPRIT offers Contour profile cutting for facing and OD or ID turning. A universal canned cycle applicable to a wide variety of machining tasks using any single point tool is also included.

  • Contour - profile cutting for facing and OD / ID turning

Roughing and Pocketing...
With control of every aspect of the tool's movements.

Capable of working from a casting, pre-roughed irregular shaped stock, or bar stock, ESPRIT's Roughing canned cycle has numerous options to control every aspect of machine movement: from clearances to differing Z and X stock allowance. Collision detection assures the tool movements are within the limits of the machine and cutting tool.

  • Roughing - for rough turning / facing from regular or irregular shaped stock
  • Pocket Rough -for rough turning / facing profiles with undercuts (pockets)
  • Copy Rough -for rough turning / facing using an offset profile

With access to all your machine's canned cycles.

Choose between ESPRIT's machining cycles, your own machine's canned cycles, or use a combination of both. You have the freedom of choice. Drilling, peck drilling, boring, taping, and up to thirteen other point-to-point canned cycles are available.

  • Hole making cycles - drilling, peck drilling, boring, taping and up to 13 other point to point machining cycles

Rough and finish cut with groove tools.

ESPRIT has seven machining cycles for grooving with a variety of optional tool movements such as single plunge, multiple plunge, peck grooving, and zig-zag grooving (for button tools). You even can finish contour a profile with a groove tool in a Grooving cycle.

  • Grooving - seven machining cycles with single plunge, multi-plunge, peck grooving, and zigzag cutting styles

Automatic and manual threading cycles.

Threading options abound: single and multi-point threading, straight and tapered threads, automatic calculations for depth and number of cuts with manual override, constant and variable lead, straight or tapered on the ID OD, or Face.

  • Threading - single and multi-point threading of straight, tapered, constant and variable lead threads

Part Handling Cycles...
From the bar feed through to cutoff.

ESPRIT includes all part handling canned cycles from initial chucking of the stock material through to the part cut-off and pick-up. All these handling cycles are simulated.

  • Cutoff - synchronized with part handling
  • Part handling - bar feed, part catcher, and part pickup
  • Tailstock - engage and disengage control