A Universal Cutting Tool - Contouring...
For a wide variety of machining tasks.

You’ll find ESPRIT’s Contour Machining cycle an important tool with universal applications for a wide variety of machining tasks.  This flexible cycle is ideal for profile cutting, roughing, slotting, semi-finishing and finishing.  Any continuous G01-G02-G03 cutting sequence is a contour.  You simply set the machining parameters and ESPRIT reads the various feature properties to create tool path to cut any shape.  When detailed tool control is needed, the Contour cycle provides all the power you expect to control the individual tool movements.

  • Contour – profile cutting for roughing, slotting, semi-finishing, and finishing straight or tapered walls with constant or variable cutting depths

Roughing and Pocketing...
Automatically rough and finish cut them in one simple step.

ESPRIT’s comprehensive Pocket Machining cycle handles straight wall pockets, tapered pockets, and through or blind pockets.  Whether they are simple squares, or pockets with complex boundaries and a large number of multi-level islands and bosses, you’ll have the power you need to automatically rough and finish cut them in one simple step.

 The pocketing cycle supports concentric outside-in and inside-out cutting with a constant overlap, bi-directional zigzag, and one way zigzag movements.  Never again worry about depths and heights for your islands or pockets.  ESPRIT reads this information from the part’s features and automatically creates all the necessary tool movements.

  • Pocketing – concentric-in, concentric-out, bi-directional zigzag, one way zigzag with control over climb versus conventional cutting and straight or tapered walls.

Drilling and Hole Making...
You have the freedom of choice.

Choose between ESPRIT’s machining cycles, your machine tool’s canned cycles, or use a combination of both.  You have the freedom of choice.  Drilling, peck drilling, boring, taping, and up to thirteen other point-to-point machining cycles are available.  Use one simple step in the Process Manager to cut complex holes that require multiple cycles and several tools.  As an example: spot drill with chamfer, through drill, counter bore, and ream a set of holes, all in one easy step.  ESPRIT will automatically generate optimized tool path minimizing the cycle time.  

  • Hole making cycles - drilling, peck drilling, boring, taping and up to 13 other point to point machining cycles

FreeForm 3D Surface and Solid Machining...
A powerful set of tools.

SolidMill FreeForm uses the ESPRIT solid machining engine to cut complex 3D freeform shapes. Specifically designed to handle the most challenging requirements of the mold, die, and tool making markets, ESPRIT provides you with a powerful set of tools and a large selection of machining cycles for roughing, semi-finishing, finishing, and re-machining.

  • NURBS based 3-axis solid machining
  • NURBS based 3-axis surface machining
  • Unlimited number of surfaces, solid bodies and faces as “Part Surfaces” or “Check Surfaces”

FreeForm Roughing...
Rough machin any complex 3D shape.

The FreeForm 3D Roughing cycle rough machines any complex 3D shape from any shape stock. Similar to the SolidMill Traditional Pocketing cycles, this 3D machining cycle performs zigzag and offset style rough machining on even the most complex set of 3D surfaces.

  • Roughing - zigzag or offset from any shape stock using any boundaries and check surfaces

FreeForm Finishing...
With cycle optimization.

With the choice of seven different semi-finishing and finishing cycles you can easily create all the tool path necessary to machine your part. Use one cycle for your entire part, or optimize your machining by defining containment boundaries. Machine different zones of your part using the cycle and cutting style most appropriate.

  • Finishing - Planar, Translation, Normal, Rotation, Offset, Parametric, Spiral on the entire part or a sub-section 

Z-Level Machining...
For roughing or finishing.

This cycle identifies near vertical and near horizontal areas and allows the operator to choose different cutting strategies for each area. Z-Level Machining offers both roughing and finishing options using one or two tools in a single cycle. It is an excellent cycle for HSM, providing very smooth, continuous tool path. 

  • Z-Level machining – climb, conventional, uni-direction, bi-direction, optimized for near horizontal and near vertical zones

Rest Material Re-Machining...
Automated machining of un-cut stock.

Re-machining of uncut areas of your part is automated through the Rest Material cycle. Select a cutter and ESPRIT will automatically remove all possible remaining material using any one of a number of cutting styles. Choose from Pencil Tracing, Lace Cutting, Parallel Flowline, and Spiral movements. This maximizes part quality and minimizes bench work.

  • Rest Material – automatic re-machining of un-cut areas with pencil tracing, parallel flowline, or spiral cutting

High Speed Machining...
Built into every ESPRIT machining cycle.

Every ESPRIT machining cycle includes a number of HSM options to insure the creation of smooth, continuous movements while maintaining constant loads on the cutting tools. Whether it’s High Speed Machining to cut hardened materials, minimize cycle times, or both, ESPRIT supplies the tools to get the results you need. Choose from sharp corner smoothing, loop style bridge movements, ramp and helical entry into material, spiral style cutting with constant overlaps, tangency entry, constant Z-Level cutting, and many more. Included within the Universal Post Processor is HSM optimization for NURBS and Spline curve G-code output.

  • High Speed Machining (HSM) support and G-code optimization
  • High-speed solid simulation and verification including “as designed” versus “as machined” comparisons

Production Milling with 5-axis Machines...
5-axis capability for all ESPRIT milling cycles.

ESPRIT SolidMill Production adds 5-axis machining capability to all ESPRIT machining cycles. Use multiple work shifts with local or global coordinate systems to machine any face of a part, using any ESPRIT machining cycle. ESPRIT’s 5-axis indexing supports any combination of rotary tables and tilting heads to orient the part, followed by a 3-axis machining operation using one or more of the ESPRIT cycles. Three new machining cycles are available in this package: Rotary Wrap Contour Milling, Wrap Pocketing, and Wrap Drilling. With these cycles one of the standard 3-axis movements (X, Y, or Z) is converted into a rotary “B” axis movement, thereby “wrapping” the profile around a rotary axis.

  • Rotary 4-axis simultaneous “Wrap” machining cycles
  • 4th and 5th axis index positioning used in conjunction with any machining cycles